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There are all kinds of Rebates and incentives right now to get todays NEW CAR buyers to give up their green to purchase a new car. We can help

Check out our Tips and read our NEW CAR BLOGs to get the information you need to make a good decision.

Check out ourz New Car Dealer list in your state.

Want to get the best deal you can on a New Car?

Don't get caught up going to a New Car Dealership just to get some Car salesman giving you his latest hook line a sinker to rope you into paying high prices

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Welcome to the new car government of greed!! Yup that is right. First our government bails out GM (of which is tax payer owned by a certian percentage) and now the United Auto Works Union (which is made up of US tax payers) want to sue GM for not being able to fulfill its oblication to the unions Voluntary Employees Beneficiary.

ARE YOU KIDDING ME -- So now the union wanst the US tax payer to pay their benefits ?? Since when can the tax payers / Govenment sue itself?? The members of United Auto Workers Union should be happy to have their over paid jobs and Satisfied with the fact the government was able to keep them working at all. At This point GM / Governement needs to be fire these employees with out unemployment compensation and replace them with hard working american people that aren't so greedy and disrespectful to the rest of us who make up this great nation. Obama has taken his love of the unions too far - and thanks to this antiquated Union system it is costing the tax payers in federal monies and driving up the prices of goods and services.

The union has their hands in government pockets and unfortunately will probably get their way unless the american people step up. I hope our judicial system sees how ridiculous this law suit actually is and puts an abrupt stop to the finacial beating the american tax payer is already enduring thanks to the current folks up on capital hill.



New Car Insurance Tips New Car Anti-Theft
Understanding how an new car automobile policy can respond to your injuries is important to your financial stability.

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The rate that some cars are stolen is very alarming and disconcerting. While many steps can be taken to reduce the chance of having your vehicle stolen, sometimes just owning a certain make and model can change the likelihood.

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New Car buying Tools - How NewCarSeek Can help you

  1. For instance never supply a down payment with cash or check, and we will tell you why.

  2. Learn the best time to shop for a new car and what model year to shop for.  Timing can be every thing, not just time of year, but time of weak, even time of day.

  3. We can help you with getting the most out of your trade.

  4. Thought every dealer ship of the same Car Make were all the same – well they aren’t We can help you tell the difference between dealer ships and what to look for in respect to the DEALS they can make you.

  5. Take control of your bargaining chips in the deal they provide you, and learn to Recognize bargaining chips.

  6. What dealers don’t want you to know about financing they may offer you and how to use that knowledge to your Financial benefit.

  7. ‘DOC FEES’ What are they?  Why are you being charged a ‘DOC FEE’

  8. New Car Warranties – the good, the bad, the ugly…..

Financing Your New Car The Internet:
A New Car Buyers Best Friend
Financing your new car is not a difficult chore at a dealer. Generally it is mucy easier than any other type of loan (second only to getting a credit card). What the dealer will generally do:

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I was looking for a new car and was dreading the ordeal of getting the best deal. I am not one to haggle. I also do not like paying more than what I really need to pay for my next Brand new Car. What was I to do about getting a good deal on my next car?

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This is just a small example of how NEW CAR SEEK can help you buy a new car.

We can help you locate any car at any dealer ship across the US in any state.

Also you can find our tips on buying a new car quicker and easier and with less hassle.

Coming Soon - Join Our New Car Buying Club
Join our new car buyers club, and get the benefits of knowing insider secrets straight from our experienced EX-NEW CAR SALES STAFF!!
Have you ever walked into a new car dealer ship just to feel like you have been taken captive by the New Car Sales Force?

There are ways around that terrible situation by taking simple steps you can learn in our new car buyers club course.  This course is a very easy self taught e-mail course I am offering for a limited time for FREE!

You can opt out at any time with absolutely no obligation.  Yup you can learn the ins – and outs of buying a car like a pro – For free.

Just simply fill out the short form with your name, and e-mail address. There is no need to provide a phone number, because we do not sell your information to any one.  And once the course is over, you will NOT BE SPAMMED with on going useless e-mails day in and day out.  Nope – once the new car buyers club course is over so are the e-mails.

We will also send you all our updates for FREE!!


Please feel free to browse our site..

We can also help you after you have made your new car purchase.

We can help you with your new car maintenance as well.  Learn how to take care of your new car

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How Cash For Clunkers Program Worked
Part Of Obama's Government Economy Stimulation Plan
That hasn't workedd

Car Allowance Rebate System

The Car Allowance Rebate System is a new government program that will help new car buyers pay for new and more fuel-efficient cars or trucks from participating dealers when you trade in a less fuel-efficient car or truck.

There are several stipulations (you also have to meet certain criteria for the car or truck you want to buy). The dealership you use can help you determine whether you have an eligible trade-in vehicle.
Take a look below to see if your vehicle will Qualify



Have been manufactured less than 25 years before the date you trade it in.

Have a "new" combined city/highway fuel economy of 18 miles per gallon or less

Be in drivable condition

Be continuously insured and registered to the same owner for the full year preceding the trade-in.

Check out our Dealer list in your state to see if your new car dealer participates.





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