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The Internet: a new car buyer’s best friend

I was looking for a new car and was dreading the ordeal of getting the best deal. I am not one to haggle. I also do not like paying more than what I really need to pay. What was I to do about getting a good deal on my next car?

One morning at work I came across a website that had a link to a free car quote. I thought this might be the ticket. I could negotiate through my computer and over the phone. I know I can ripe somebody a new one over the phone, and I have become quite adept at flaming people on the internet. This might be my way to get a great deal.

I quickly filled out the short form and went about my day. Not thinking much of it and definitely not stressing like I would face to face with a “professional” salesman. A short time later, I received a quote for the new car I was looking for. The price was thousands below MSRP. Wow, I did not even have to wiggle in the car dealers lobby waiting for the salesman to run my offer by the manager. What do they really do back in his office while I am sweating bullets? I think they might watch tv or check out the latest YouTube videos.

I still had one dilemma; I have never seen one of these cars in real life. I had read the reviews and all, but would my wife and I like it? The dealer that the internet quote was from was about a 45 minute drive from home. There was another dealer about 15 miles from home which we decided to go visit and see if we actually liked the vehicle with the intention of working with the dealer that emailed us the quote.

We arrived at the local dealer and they had the exact model we had been quoted. Nice catch was that this dealer actually had added an extra thousand to the price for all the wonderful “work” they put into the new car to “prep” it. I thought to myself, I am glad I do not have to haggle with them to knock the extra charge off, let alone getting them down to my happy internet price.

I told the salesman that we were not going to buy today, we just wanted to kick the tires. He was more than happy to kick them with us. We proceeded to test drive the new car and the family really liked it. Now I think the salesman had looked me up in some type of system and based on my new car buying history, he seemed to be expecting a nice big commission, as I am rather certain I overheard him on the phone with his wife say something about steak and seafood. See this was not the first time I went into a new car dealer, told them I was not buying a new car that day, only to get roped into “it is only a couple of hundred dollars a month”, and leave paying the sticker price.

But this time I was armed with a print out from the email that I had received that had my no hassle new car quote on. The salesman asked for us to step into the new car dealership and see what type of number he could work up for us. I was not willing to sit in their office all day so I cut to the chase. I whipped out my handy dandy no hassle free internet new car quote and said, if you can match this price, I will buy it today. I also mentioned that I had checkout my trade-ins value on the internet, and they needed to give me $5,000 for that. If they can do all of that, I was going to take home that shinny new car.

Wow. I could not believe the feeling I had. I was calling the shots. I know that they say “knowledge is power”, and I felt that power right then and there. I thought for sure the dealer was going to say that this deal is too good to be true, and not match it. I was wrong. The new car salesman when back to his managers office, watched a few YouTube videos, called his wife to tell her to make spaghetti instead (I can only assume that this call took place) and came out matching the deal.

Without the internet, my knowledge going into this new car dealer would have been limited, my negotiating skills still suck, but I saved over $5,000 and I was in control and actually enjoyed the entire experience.





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